Vidalia and Southeast Georgia Social Security lawyers with over 50 years of experience

We have three Georgia Social Security disability attorneys with over 50 years of combined experience to help you through the sometimes confusing and frustrating Social Security disability claims process.

With this extensive background, you can be assured that we are familiar with the law, the judges, and the doctors in the Social Security disability area.

This kind of experience can make a significant difference for you. Government statistics have demonstrated that Social Security claimants who are represented by an attorney do better than those who are not represented. Our many years of experience working in this area of law helps us understand your situation and know what is needed to make the best presentation of your case to the Social Security Administration.

Getting your Social Security disability claim started in Georgia

Social Security disability is a federal program, but you begin the process by filing an application with a local Georgia Social Security office.

You can do this in either of two ways:

Go to the Social Security Administration website and file an application online at

Before you file your application, you may want to review some tips for applying on this website.

There are Social Security offices in many locations in southeast Georgia, including:[HQ-Address]

How we can help with your Social Security disability claim

Every Social Security disability case is a little different from others because the disabilities are very personal. We will work with you and get to know you and understand your disability so that we know how best to present your case to the Social Security Administration.

However, even though different cases require different things from us, there are some general tasks that we deal with in almost every case.

We will deal with the forms and the evidence in the Social Security Administration file. Dealing with the Social Security Administration can require a lot of paperwork. Whether or not you file the initial application on your own, we will help make sure that the Social Security Administration has all the information that it needs about your work history, medical condition, and physical and mental limitations to make a good evaluation of your claim.

We will work with your doctors to make sure that the medical report covers the issues needed to make your Social Security disability claim. The written reports from your doctors about your disability and how your condition limits what you can do are extremely important. Because of our years of experience with Social Security disability cases in Georgia we know both what kind of information the Social Security Administration is looking for, and what information doctors need to write for a report that covers the necessary issues.

We will consider whether you need to see other experts. Sometimes we find that our Georgia Social Security clients have not been evaluated by the right type of specialist. You may need a special medical test or medical expert, or you may need to see a vocational expert who can report about how your disability limits your ability to work.

We will prepare you for your hearing. Experience counts. Appearing at a Social Security disability hearing may be a different and even intimidating event for you, but we have been in thousands of them. We can tell you what to expect and what questions you are likely to be asked.

We will make any necessary legal arguments for you. We have experience with Social Security law and we have experience with the Georgia Social Security judges. This helps us understand what works and what doesn’t work. We will raise the issues that we believe will best help you obtain the Social Security disability benefits that you deserve.
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