A Disability Attorney in Statesboro Explains the Trouble With Video Hearings

Every disability attorney in Statesboro knows that video hearings with the Social Security Administration can be problematic. Below, you’ll find out why.

A Disability Lawyer in Statesboro Explains Expert Appearances

Part of the problem with video hearings involves expert appearances. Expert witnesses will either be in the same location as the administrative law judge, in the same location as the claimant, or, in some cases, the expert will appear by video. Your disability attorney in Statesboro will tell you that the ALJ will have the authority to decide who is allowed to be a video-only participant.

A Disability Attorney in Statesboro Discusses Problems With Video Hearings

disability attorney in StatesboroIf you ask to appear in person, there is the risk your case with be assigned to a different ALJ. As your disability attorney in Statesboro can explain, this can be problematic if you were originally assigned a good ALJ and now have to change. Regardless, requesting an in-person hearing will cause a delay in finally getting your hearing.

There are also logistical issues to consider. It will be more difficult for your disability lawyer in Statesboro to obtain a copy of the paper hearing exhibit file in a timely manner, so that he can gather new evidence and prepare the issues in time for the hearing. Your attorney will also not be able to review the hearing exhibits, since they will be with the ALJ.

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