A Dublin Disability Attorney on the Subjective Nature of Disability Impairment

There is no straightforward test that can be administered to objectively demonstrate that a person is disabled and unable to work. Instead, a doctor may use his or her medical opinion to assess a patient’s disability status. In examining your claim, the Social Security Administration will consider your individual experience of disability, rather than comparing you to an objective standard. A Dublin disability attorney can serve as your advocate as you navigate this process.

A Dublin Disability Attorney Discusses Disability Assessment

Dublin disability attorneyIn rendering an opinion as to your level of disability, a medical professional will consider the following:

  • Your symptoms and how they impact your ability to engage in activities and work
  • Whether your symptoms appear to be the result of a medical condition
  • Whether your claim of disability seems to be the realistic result of your medical condition

A Dublin Disability Attorney Discusses Comparative Disability

You may be concerned that your personal experience of your medical condition will be compared against a standard. However, disability claims are considered on an individual basis, because the Social Security Administration knows that no two people are alike. Two people with the same medical diagnosis may experience symptoms very differently. One may be capable of working, the other may not. Your disability will be evaluated without the use of a standard comparison.

Call a Dublin Disability Lawyer for Legal Assistance

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