A Savannah Disability Attorney Address Doctors’ Concerns in Disability Cases

Physicians often carry heavy burdens when it comes to giving an opinion about a patient in a Social Security disability case. A Savannah disability attorney can tell you that many doctors worry that they if they say a patient can do some work, it will ruin the case. Though this is a common concern, a patient doesn’t need to be bedridden in order to qualify for disability benefits. Nevertheless, it is a good idea for a doctor to discuss any concerns with the claimant’s counsel.

Filling Out the Form

Another major concern for doctors is the Social Security disability form they must fill out, regarding the patient’s work capacity. A Savannah disability lawyer can tell you that the worst thing a doctor can do is exaggerate the patient’s disability. It is more harmful to do this than to downplay the person’s impairments, as an exaggerated opinion will be deemed useless by the SSA

Patients Who Can Work Full-Time

Savannah disability attorneyClaimants may be capable of handling a number of work duties and careers and still be deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration, especially in cases that involve people over age 50. It is important to remember that the claimant’s Savannah disability attorney may also be trying to establish disability by documenting the combined effect of a few physical constraints and a mental health problem. When in doubt, the doctor should always try to reach out to the claimant’s attorney.

Contact a Savannah Disability Lawyer for Assistance

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