A Savannah Disability Lawyer Explains the Effect of Doctors’ Opinions on Disability Applications

Can a doctor’s opinion harm a claimant’s disability application? This is a concern that many physicians have, and can be explained by a Savannah disability lawyer.

Savannah Disability Lawyers Can Help Physicians

Savannah disability lawyers know that physicians are often concerned about saying the wrong things and doing harm to their patient’s disability application. However, most of the time this does not need to be a concern. A Savannah disability attorney knows that this worry can sometimes stem from the misconception that applicants must be bed-ridden in order to qualify for disability benefits.

Talk to Savannah Disability Lawyers If You Have Questions

Savannah disability lawyerThe best thing a disability applicant’s physician can do is to talk to the claimant’s Savannah disability lawyer to talk about the patient and relevant issues. Physicians may be surprised to learn that one of the worst things they can do for their patient’s application is to say that his or her condition is worse than it truly is or to exaggerate the patient’s symptoms—this is even worse than minimizing the patient’s condition, because it can render the doctor’s opinion weightless in the eyes of the Social Security Administration (SSA). They may also be surprised to learn that they can say that a patient is capable of full-time work, but due to the person’s age, they may still be found disabled.

Savannah Disability Attorneys Can Answer Your Questions

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