Social Security disability benefits applicants often make two types of errors: not doing enough or doing too much. A Savannah Social Security disability attorney can explain these errors further, as well as how to avoid making them.

A Savannah Social Security Disability Attorney Describes Two Common Mistakes Applicants Make

Savannah Social Security disability attorneyYou should realize that the appeals process exists for a reason. A common mistake applicants make is to not appeal a denial. Still others who are denied after their first appeal (or “reconsideration”) do not take the next step of asking for a hearing.

A second mistake sometimes made is not pursuing suitable medical care. For instance, individuals who feel that doctors have not been able to help them may decide to stop getting treatment. Your Savannah Social Security disability lawyer will tell you that this is not a prudent course of action, on both legal and medical grounds:

  • Documentation of medical treatment is one of the most critical pieces of evidence in a Social Security disability case.
  • No one is more in need of quality medical assistance than individuals suffering from chronic medical problems.

Do You Need to Obtain a Doctor’s Opinion?

On the flip side, it may appear an obvious step for applicants to solicit a doctor’s opinion on a disability case. This is not necessarily true. For one thing, the Social Security Administration is responsible for gathering any medical records, so you do not need to duplicate their efforts.

However, in some cases, a doctor may unknowingly create the wrong impression because of complicated medical and legal issues. Applicants may benefit from the direct input of a medical professional, but not in every instance. It may be wiser for you to leave the medical information gathering to your Savannah Social Security disability attorney.

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