A Statesboro Disability Attorney Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Qualifying for Disability

Don’t You Have to Be Older to Qualify?

Statesboro disability lawyerThe older you are, the easier it is to qualify. Federal regulations make it easier for people aged 50 and older to prove disability (younger if you are a non-English speaker). As a Statesboro disability lawyer can advise you, people over 55 years of age need to show that they cannot perform any job they have done in the past 15 years. If you’re between 50 and 55, you must also show that your impairment is severe enough for only the simplest jobs.

So, I Shouldn’t Even Try if I’m Young?

No. If you’re under 50, the key is whether you truly cannot do your job or work full-time at another job. You do not have to be bedridden. While “disability” and “inability to work” are different in the eyes of the Social Security Administration, your Statesboro disability lawyer can explain what each means and whether you qualify.

Your Statesboro disability lawyer can also advise you regarding your application. If you are denied, you may appeal and get a hearing. If you lose there, you don’t have to lose hope yet. Talk to your Statesboro disability attorney about the next step—the Appeals Council.

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