A Statesboro Disability Lawyer Discusses Your Doctor’s Role in Your Disability Determination

Your doctor will play an important role in the disability determination process. Your Statesboro disability lawyer will inform your doctor of what is expected of him or her and answer any questions about the legal side of things.

Medically Determinable Impairment

Statesboro disability lawyer“Medically determinable impairment” is a term that you will hear frequently as you go through the process of applying for disability. Your Statesboro disability lawyer can explain the term in detail, but essentially, it just means an impairment that is corroborated by a doctor’s diagnosis based on more than just subjective symptoms. There are some impairments, like migraines, that the SSA will find to be medically determinable based solely on an applicant’s symptoms.

Legal Terminology

The term “disability” has a very specific meaning when it comes to the law. While your doctor should be fully informed when it comes to your impairment, the SSA does not expect him to know the exact legal definition of such terms as disability. For this reason, your Statesboro disability attorney will explain that it is not helpful for your doctor to offer an opinion as to whether or not you are disabled. The SSA simply wants your doctor’s opinion on your limitations and abilities.

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Your Statesboro disability attorney will be an important liaison between you and your doctor by ensuring that all of your medical records and any other documents that need to be filled out are complete and clear. Contact Durden Rice & Barfield, P.C. for a knowledgeable Statesboro disability lawyer who is prepared to handled your claim. Call (888) 705-8672 today to get started.