A Statesboro Disability Lawyer Explains What to Expect at Your Hearing

While the order of events of a disability hearing will vary depending on the judge, most proceed with some level of predictability. Your Statesboro disability lawyer will ensure that you are prepared for you hearing and know what to expect.

Case History

Your Statesboro disability attorney will tell you that most hearings begin with the ALJ reciting the case history and going over the issues being assessed, including the requirement that you are unable to perform substantial gainful activity. Your age, employment history, and education will all be taken into consideration, as well.


Statesboro disability lawyerYou will be prepared to answer questions and testify regarding your impairment prior to the hearing by your Statesboro disability lawyer. The judge usually begins the questioning and then allows your attorney to continue with questions of his own. Regardless of who is asking questions, you must answer honestly and clearly. Even when your Statesboro disability attorney is questioning you, you should speak to him as if he does not know anything about your impairment. The questions are being asked so that the judge can understand the full impact of your impairment on your life and ability to work.

How a Statesboro Disability Lawyer  Can Help

As you have read above, your Statesboro disability lawyer will play an active role in your disability hearing. It is important to find a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to represent your claim. Call Durden Rice & Barfield, P.C. today for help with your disability case: (888) 705-8672.