A Statesboro Social Security Disability Attorney Answers Frequently Asked Disability Questions

Applying for disability can be an overwhelming process that leaves you feeling uncertain, especially if you are preparing for the hearing stage. A Statesboro Social Security disability attorney will be your best source of information.

A Statesboro Social Security Disability Attorney Explains the Time Frame for Hearings, Decisions, and Benefit Payouts

Statesboro Social Security disability attorneyIf you have requested a hearing, you are probably eagerly awaiting a notice with the hearing date. Unfortunately, as your Statesboro Social Security disability lawyer will explain, the hearing date will likely not be for a little over a year from the date it was requested. Once you have the hearing, a decision will be issued by the judge a few months later. Within a couple months of receiving a finding of disability, you will start receiving benefits, and it will be up to six months after that to get your back benefits.

Your Statesboro Social Security Disability Attorney Will Notify You About Your Hearing

A Notice of Hearing will be sent from the judge upon determining a date for your hearing. Before this, however, the judge’s assistant should phone your lawyer to let him know the date so he can contact you directly. Sometimes, a call to your lawyer is not made and you may receive your Notice of Hearing first. If this is the case, contact your attorney as soon as you get the notice.

How a Statesboro Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

An important part of the disability claims process is finding a Statesboro Social Security disability attorney you can rely on and trust. Call Durden Rice & Barfield, P.C. at (888) 705-8672 today for help.